with Lisa Ann Pinkerton
with Lisa Ann Pinkerton

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The Earthlings Podcast takes a look at the big issues facing humanity in the early 21st century and our relationship to our environment, technology, and each other. Each episode, award-winning journalist and host Lisa Ann Pinkerton is joined by experts, scientists, and leaders working to solve the world’s biggest challenges. Together, they cover wide ranging topics including environmental solutions, emerging technologies, what the future might look like, and more.

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S3:E17 Erthos- Reinventing Solar from the Ground Up

In today’s episode, our host Lisa Ann Pinkerton (CEO of Technica Communications), and guest Daniel Flanigan (Chief Marketing & Product Officer at Erthos) explore the varied problems that come from switching to solar power as well as their exciting possible solutions! 

Solar energy, while promising, has not yet reached its full potential as a comprehensive energy solution for the future. Nonetheless, innovative companies like Erthos are at the forefront of advancing the solar sector. As Dan puts it, envision an “Uber for solar” model: Erthos is championing the development of highly efficient solar panels, complemented by ingenious placement and design tactics. Their ambition is to harmoniously blend automation with solar technology, aiming to create a more efficient, cleaner solar energy market.

Hosted by Lisa Ann Pinkerton

From the newsroom to the boardroom, Lisa Ann has used her keen analytical skills to share technology stories with the world for over a decade. She is founder and CEO of the award-winning Technica Communications, founder and Chairwoman of the non-profit Women In Cleantech & Sustainability, host of The Earthlings Podcast, an international speaker and moderator and documentary filmmaker. She was named an Industry Innovator by the PRNews Top Women in PR Awards (2021), a PR Executive of the Year by the American Business Awards (2020), Female Entrepreneur of the Year for Advertising and Marketing by the Women in Business and the Professions World Awards (2020), and a Woman of Influence by the Silicon Valley Business Journal (2017). Before founding Technica Communications, Lisa Ann was a Senior Account Executive and managed new business operations for the San Francisco PR firm Antenna Group. She got her start as a broadcast journalist covering environmental science in 2001. She was awarded the Best Environmental Journalism award by the Society of Professional Journalists in 2005. Her work has been broadcast on National Public Radio, PBS Television, WPXI-NBC, American Public Media, The Environment Report, Great Lakes Radio Consortium, Free Speech TV, WYEP 91.3FM-Pittsburgh, WRCT 88.3FM-Pittsburgh, and WCPN/WVIZ PBS ideastream in Cleveland.

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